What Fern Stands For

Birthwork and Bodywork

Fern Massage is the name under which Kassondra White practices massage therapy, while Fern Birthwork is the name under which she provides full spectrum doula support. They often intertwine and wisdom from one always benefits the other. However if you are not pregnant (or ever want to be) Fern Massage is for you too.

Fern’s Values

Trust, Partnership, and Your Power

Above all, I want us to mutually trust each other, regard each other as equals, and fully access our personal power in a society that often seeks to suppress it. I strive to make these values integral pieces of everything I do with Fern Massage (and Fern Birthwork) – from my behavior in the massage room to what I charge to the language I use.

Humanizing and Anti-Capitalist

I strive to make Fern Massage safe and accessible for all of my community. This requires an understanding and recognition of the ways in which my neighbors are oppressed in all of their intersecting identities. Fern Massage is anti-racist, feminist, body positive, queer, and gender affirming.

While I cannot exist outside of capitalism, I do not subscribe to its ideology. For Fern Massage this means I act to the highest degree possible in alignment with my value in humanity over money, power, and competition. I do not charge more for prenatal or postpartum massage and I come at each individual seeking support with flexibility. I treat people as human beings rather than consumers.

Fern’s History

Fern Massage and Fern Birthwork were dreamt up in the spring of 2017, after I completed my birth doula training and right before I graduated from massage school. For months they were only domain name and ideas, and only started to take more concrete form in 2018 as I furthered my experience and learning.

The Wisdom of a Fern

I chose the name Fern Massage because ferns grow by unfurling – they start off in tight little balls, and slowly it all extends. This reminds me of our own bodies, from the way we grow to how we heal. I like to think we all have the innate knowledge of what to unfurl next, when given the support and space we need.